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Making current quantum computers useful at both ends of the stack, bridging the gap between quantum applications and near-term hardware


(is our software)

Quiver is a PaaS tool that uses state-of-the-art machine learning to map out and remove errors in cloud quantum computers.

Quiver can be deployed as a part of any quantum application to tailor a quantum algorithm to a noisy quantum computer. By optimising a quantum algorithm to the desired hardware Quiver enables applications that are currently out of reach, accelerating the delivery of commercial quantum computing.

Quantum hardware companies can use the Quiver API for scalable, efficient and meaningful error diagnostics to mitigate errors and boost hardware performance beyond current standards.

IBM, through the IBM Quantum Network, seeks to develop a broad ecosystem to advance the field of quantum computing for the benefit of science, business and society. Opacity are stoked to be a start-up member of the IBM Quantum Network

Opacity is frothing to be part of Sydney’s growing quantum line up

Opacity are members at the Sydney Knowledge Hub, a co-working space for innovative startups, non-profits, and corporates, now featuring multiple quantum companies.

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